Admission process

Learning Garden Montessori School enrolls students 2.5 to 6 years old, that are potty trained and ready for school.

The yearly enrollment process:

  • The school is hosting an Open House each second Saturday of January 10:30am-noon. The parents get a chance to visit the school grounds, ask questions, learn about the curriculum and the school’s philosophy.
  • Attending an Open House or scheduling a visit with the director is required in order to be offered enrollment.
  • The school offers tours following the Open House, until the end of February. Please call ahead and sign up for a tour, or sign up during the Open House. Please note that space is limited. The tours are parent only, and last about half an hour. Additional tours can be scheduled by calling the director at (206) 383-9495, or emailing
  • *The applications are due the last day of February, for enrollment for the next academic year. The application fee is $100 and it is non-refundable.
  • *The school will notify you in writing by April 1st regarding the status of your enrollment for the following school year. If your child did not receive enrollment, he/she will be automatically placed on the wait list. The school has rolling admissions: when an opening arises, enrollment will be offered to applicants in the wait pool.
Enrollment acceptance: due date; forms, deposit and summer camps
  • At the time of acceptance, the non-refundable depositand signed enrollment forms  are due to reserve the spot for your  child.
The  due date  is  15th of April.

The required forms are: enrollment form, immunization form, agreement form, permission form, and developmental history.

  • The deposit is a full month tuition, paid in April. The deposit secures the child's enrolmnet for the school year starting in September. The deposit is non-refundable if the family withdraws enrollment between April and December. The deposit will be applied to the last month of school attendance, with a 30 days written withdrawal notice received and after three month of attendance. The school will apply the deposit towards tuition without the 30 days notice of withdrawal. Failure to pay the deposit by the deadline,  will result in losing the offered enrolment.
  • All new students are required to attend two weeks of summer camp in July.
How are students selected?

Learning Garden Montessori School seeks to enroll students and families that are committed to Montessori education and to being part of a harmonious, diverse, peaceful community. The school will seek to enroll a class balanced in gender, age, and culturaly and diversivly inclusive. All parties (teachers, students, parents and school) are considered when determining enrollment. The schoool visits allow both the teachers and the parents to discuss the families’ and school’s philosophies, policies, and jointly determine if the applicant and his/her family can be successful part of the school.

At the time of enrollment

The school requires:

  • an orientation for all new students during May and June.
  • attending two weeks of Summer camp in July and August

The students will learn their new school environment, learning where the cubbies are, the toilet, the circle, etc.

The deposit and following forms are due by April 15th:
  • Enrollment form complete with contact numbers, emails; out of state phone number; authorized adults to pick up your child, insurance informtion and emmergency care consent.
  • Immunization  form;
  • Child care agreement form;
  • Permission form;
  • Behavior history form;
  • Allergy form and plan if applicable;