Who we are | Teaching Team

photo by cheri pearl

Reshonna Booker is the afternoon lead Montessori teacher. She is a Seattle native, and she has been teaching preschool children for more than a decade. She followed in the footsteps of her family: her mother has been a preschool teacher for more then twenty-five years and she has passed her love for teaching to Reshonna. Reshonna received her Montessori certification in 2012. The Montessori training was one of the best experiences she ever had, for it allowed her to see the world from the perspective of a curious child. She is passionate about teaching and, like the rest of our team, full of joy, laughter and committed to make the world a better place. Regeeina Booker is our full time assistant! She is a strong human being, loyal, dependable, funny, creative, and makes sure that we do a lot of baking projects. In her free time, Regeeina is a clothes designer! Regeeina has been our assistant for the past four years.

Charlotte Dean is our art teacher. She will return late fall, after a maternity leave. She is a visual artist and a writer originally from Los Angeles, California. She began her art career in Mexico City, where she lived for several years and worked as a muralist. In 2012 she received her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts. Charlotte has spent the last four years teaching art to both children and adults in Seattle. This is Charlotte’s fourth year of teaching art at Learning Garden . Here is her activism though art: http://bodyjoyproject.tumblr.com

Carol Rashawna Williams is our visiting artist. She will work with our students in the Spring of 2018 on art as social justice while helping us prepare for the art show scheduled for April 2018 at Tin Umbrella Coffee shop. Here is her art: http://klove4art.wixsite.com/c-rashawnna-williams

Kara-Lee Ruotolo, our yoga teacher, has a masters degree in Education and Mental Health Counseling and has worked as a child and family therapist in Seattle Public Schools, as a social worker for King County Public Health, and an instructor and therapist for kids with special needs at Bellevue College. She began practicing and studying yoga in Seattle in 1995, and shares her love of yoga wherever she can! https://colibrikidsyoga.com

Olive Oil ( Nuengruethai Isarat) is our substitute teacher. Olive is a Montessori teacher with eleven years of teaching experience. She is not only passionate about learning and teaching our students, but also she is full of life and laughter. She has been our school’s lead teacher for the last four years.

Bogdana m. Manole, is the director and the morning Montessori teacher. She is also in charge of the school’s administrative and communication duties. She has twenty-two years of teaching and directing experience. Learning Garden is her second Montessori school. When she not leading Learning Garden, she is a mom of two great kids, a scholar in critical theories, environmental justice and political ecology, and a climate justice activist.

Learning Garden Montessori is recognized as an Internship School by the Montessori International Association, which means we can train new aspiring Montessori teachers. We are a diverse team - our cultures and different life experiences will enrich your children school experience and understanding of the world!

The school does not promote any religion, but promotes respect for and understanding of different beliefs.