Open House: January 11th, 2020, 10:30-noon. Please email at for more information.

Welcome to our School

Learning Garden is a Montessori school with a traditional academic curriculum centered on nature studies and social justice. Children play, explore, discover, learn and socialize in a warm academic environment, building the base for future knowledge.

photo by cheri pearl

Learning Garden is also a place where we are very intent in doing good in the world. Our curriculum is centered on the values of kindness and respect for the all people and the world around us, which are not only principle values of the Montessori philosophy, but also our teachers’ personal core values.

Learning Garden is a place where we intently act as a community to create a beautiful, peaceful and kind world for everybody.

  • At Learning Garden Montessori School, learning is child oriented, individuality is treasured and respected, and focus and concentration are our main goals.
  • The curriculum is based on the traditional academic Montessori activities. At Learning Garden School, we love science and math!
  • At Learning Garden, we dream big. We teach our students to think critically, and always think of others.
  • The curriculum emphasizes the accomplishments of people of color, women, indigenous people, LGBTQ and disabled leaders, artists, activists and scientists.
  • The school is connecting with the neighborhood in enriching our students’ learning and contributing to the community. For example, Learning Garden is organizing neighborhood clean ups, connecting with neighborhood artists, or participating in intergenerational activities with Kin On Asian retirement center.
  • Learning Garden is a city farm, where the children feed the chickens, observe bugs and plants, rake leaves, and grow vegetables and flowers.
  • The school is offering parenting support and education to the enrolled parents, in a desire to nurture the emotional growth of each family and create a community.
  • Learning Garden Montessori School is situated at the crossroads of Hillman City, Columbia City and Seward Park neighborhoods, offers a morning or an afternoon program, and has been operating for almost two decades.

| Open House: January 11th, 2020 10:30-noon

Class observation dates will be available at the Open House. For additional information or questions please email at